Favorite body butters

Hey guys, how are you??? Wish everyone is great 🙂

Had looong day at work today, all I needed was a relaxing shower 

So after I was done I was thinking I should blog about my favorite body butters 😉

I really love body butters a looot 😀

So these guys are my favorite ones at the moment.

Mango and orange blossom from Boots, this one smells amaaazing like literally you feel like eating it lol JK but really it smells really good and the smell stays on your body for long time,,, it’s creamy it’s not very thick and it’s not greasy at all.

Cocont from Marks and Spencer, the coconut smell is just sooo nice I looove it, it’s creamy as well, it goes on the skin really smoothly.

And last not least is the Strawberry body butter from the Body Shop, everyone knows this one, it’s my favorite one of all times, I can’t say enough about it, this one is a little bit thicker though, but not greasy for sure, it sinks in to your skin immediately, such a lovely body butter.

Let me know if you have other nice body butters that I should try.

Thanks a lot guys for your reading.


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