Drugstore favorite lip products 

Heeey guys,,, how are yall??? Wish you’re all good 🙂

I’m going to show you what are my favorite lip products from Drugstore 😉 

Maxfactor lip liner in the shade 12 red blush,,, the color is great and I have a secret sometimes I use it as a lipstick just by it self and it looks great and stays on your lips for good long time 🙂

Revlon colorstay in the shade 097,,, this is great lipstick actually it is a stain but in a shape of lipstick… I love it

Revlon just bitten kissable in the shade 020,,, it is glossy and smooth but stays on your lips as well,,, really great one 
Revlon color burst in the shade 020 papaya,,, this is a very nice lipgloss,,, goes on your lips really smoothly and the color is beautiful
Rimmel apocalips in the shade 400,,, this is really good lipgloss and it is very pigmented 🙂
And Maybelline baby lips electro in the shade strike a rose,,, so cute lipbalm but it has a color, so it gives your lips a moist and a little color at the same time 🙂
Here are the swatches for you guys 

I hope you liked it,,, thanks for reading

6 thoughts on “Drugstore favorite lip products 

  1. Love all these lippies and colors, I’d wear them all Lol. Do you like the electro baby lips. I haven’t tried those yet. They have new ones out. Check my blog out on baby lips buds. There limited edition.

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