BH 120 eyeshadow 1st edition 

Helllooo guuuys,,, how’s everything going??? Wish great

I’m writing today about BH 120 eyeshadow palette 😮 1st edition 

Look at the packaging,,, it’s really nice and sleek 😀

Boom!!! I know the colors are craaazy bright haha

I got this package recently since Spring is almost here so all I was thinking about is some cool cute bright colors to play with my eyes makeup 😉

I actually looove the colors when you blend them with more warm colors to break the brightness a little bit it’s gonna look cool.

I love to use those crazy blues as eyeliners and then apply my liquid black eyeliner on the top, all I do is I wet my angled brush a little bit and work with it.

The pigmentation of the colors is good, and  they blend smoothly. 

120 different colors of eyeshadow for such a cheep price??? Oh yes I love it haha

Here are some swatches from each color for you guys 😉 

Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Thanks for reading


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