Ancient Egyptian Beauty 

Heeey guuuys!

I’m writing today about Ancient Egypt Beauty. 

From the pictures and paintings we see in the ancient Egyptian tombs we can tell that ancient Egyptian women were slim and beautiful, they used to take care of their body and skin. 


They used to love Kohl and they wore it everyday around their beautiful eyes, everyone did no matther was poor or rich. 

They used to love eye makeup, they mostly used black and blue for their eye makeup. 

And makeup in ancient Egypt was not only for beauty, it used to help them protect their body and skin, the Kohl around their eyes was proticting their ryed from the sun.
They used to take care of their skin a lot, they used natural oils to moistrize their skin and protect it from the sun and the sand.
They also used to make their own soap, they mixed clay and scented oils to make their own soap. 

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it.


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