Lipbalm collection 

Heeey guys how are you??? Wish great

So this is my lipbalm collection, I put this in this little cute box from The Body Shop, I got a strawberry set in this box and I said I’ll keep it because I loved it.

I looove lipbalm I will never get enough haha.

I love this Coca Cola  chapsticks collection they smell very good and taste very very good too haha, they’re very soft and they do a good job.

And this little cute owl lipbalm is a gift from my friend she knows how much I love owls and it’s lipbalm too!!! I love it, it’s minty, smells very good and goes smoothly on the lips.

Those guys I got them from Bath And Body Works, I didn’t really try them yet but I loved the packaging so I grabbed them, I’m sure they’re pretty good, I’ve always trusted Bath And Body Works lipbalms.

Those ones are from Bath And Body Works as well, they are really good, I love this yellow chapstick, it smells and tastes like lemon, yummyyy 🙂

This one I got from Marks And Spencer, I really like it, it’s very soft and moisturize the lips really well.

And I got this one because I just love vanilla so I was very excited when I saw it, it is doing a good job as well 🙂

And the Strawberry lip butter from The Body Shop is my favorite, it smells amaaazing and it’s very smooth,  moisturize the lips really well 🙂

Thanks a lot for reading, hope you like it 


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