Empties #1


Hello everyone, I’m sharing with you today my empties 😉



Nivea Invisible body spray, I really like how it smells, it works for me really well, I always use it.

Velvet Suger body mist from Bath And Body Works, I love it it’s one of my favorite scents there, and I will purchase it again 🙂

Johnson And Johnson Baby Cologne, I love them as body sprays and I just put them in a small spray bottle and they do the job,,, I alwaaays use them.


Winter Candy Apple loction travel size for my purse, I love it and will purchase it again 😉

And Twisted Peppermint hand sanitizer from Bath And Body Works as well, it was my first time to try the peppermint but I liked it.


And Magnolia spray from Marks And Spencer, I really loved it and going to purchase it again 😉



Last but not least Maxfactor lip tint, it feels like your latterly using a marker on your lips lol, it’s not bad I kinda liked it, but I prefer the liquid tints more 😉

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it 😉

Talk to you soon ❤ ❤ 



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