Tints, Stains & Long Lastings 



Hey pretty ladies of WP ❤️❤️❤️

I’m sharing with you my tints, stains etc collection with reviews and some swatched.



Revlon Moisture Stain is such a good product,,, I got it recently and loved it.



This stain is from Isa Dora,,, it’s so good and very pigmented and doesn’t dry your lips, can’t wait to go get the rest of colors.



I mintioned this before in couple of posts, what can I say, it’s beautiful and very pigmented as well, look at the swatch it’s awesome product. 



This is a Korian brand called Etude House, I only orderd those two colors and really liked them, they go smoothly on your lips and don’t dry them out.



Those are the Maxfactor long lasting lip glosses, they’re are not really glosses, once they get on your lips they dry on them, and they’re really long lasting that it’s hard to remove them even haha, but I like them. 



I reviewed those before,,, they are very good products, I’m willing to get more colors of them. 

Thanks for reading ❤️❤️❤️ I hope you liked it 😉 


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