Empties #2


Hey ladies,,, I’m sharing with you today my second empties…

Are you ready to dig in with me?! I have a lot of things to talk about 😉


Those are some hair products

Tresemme Platinium Strength shampoo, I loved this product and bought another one already but my new one is with Keratin.

Aussie hairconditioner is really good product I enjoyed using it a lot. 

Fruit Essence hair conditioner from Boots, I really liked it but I still have other conditioners that I liked more.

Botanics conditioner from Boots, it came with hair dye, it was okay product, not sure if I will buy it again.


Some body sprays

My favorite body spray by Nivea, I always use it and probably you’re going to see it every empties post lol.

Velvet Sugar from Bath & Body Works, I looove the smell it’s so delicious.

Warm Vanilla Bath & Body Works, it’s one of my favorite scents in this store.

Midnight Pomegranate Bath & Body Works, really good smell it’s really strong. 

And Keep It Sweet Mango Delight from Boots, I liked this one a lot and going to buy it again, it’s great for the prize 🙂


Some face stuff

Peel off mask by Hollywood, I liked this mask it made my skin feel so clean and fresh, it smells nice, and it stayed with me for pretty good long time, going to buy it again. 

Clean & Clear facial scrub, I keep buying it, it’s part of my morning routine, and really cleans the face and control the shine in the T-Zone erea with out drying out your skin.

Cucumber facial scrub by Boots, was good product, I think this one is my second already, plus I like the size if it, it’s handy for travelling.


Some Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers,,, the Twisted Peppermint is my second one, I liked it and bought 2 at the same time, it was Christmas edition,,, the other one is Dancing Water and this one is my favorite one I keep buying it, it smells so good and clean.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading 



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