Funny beauty tips

Hey ladies, are you enjoying you weekend? 😉

I wanted to share with you today some of simple and easy tips with little products.

I have very dry skin under my eyes, so I can not start applying my makeup with out moisturizing this erea, so when I run out of my under eyes cream or oil I use some baby cream which I find good because baby creams are safe they’re made for baby skin which is good, and they do great job moisturizing, I use Sebamed baby lotion and I really like it, I have some little samples that I got when I was buying some stuff from their stand at the market.

Here it is 


I really like it a lot.


And about some make up removers!!!

I use Johnson’s cream


That’s really good for removing makeup,,, and it leaves your skin very soft.

And I also like Vaseline as makeup remover

It does great job. 


Some oil for after shaving? 


Yes Johnson’s baby oil is really good for moisturizing your skin after shaving and leaving it soooft and nice and smelling good aswell. 


Thanks a lot for reading my funny tips 😉

I hope you enjoyed it.



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