Does loving makeup make you feel good???


Loving makeup is great,,, it’s not about someone feeling bad about how they look abd using makeup to look good, it’s a hobby and art.

It does make me feel good, not because I feel bad without wearing makeup, no because it’s my hobby, it’s my passion, being good at applying makeup makes you an artist, it makes you see stuff deferent, I feel that it brings your beauty out, everyone is beautiful in a deferent unique way. ❤️

Having a hobby is a great thing, you know what you like and you enjoy doing it,,, you love talking about it with people who have the same passion, sharing your experience with them, and learning from them.

Everything is beautiful, nature is beautiful, so why not focusing on poping beauty out?! And keep going on your track?!  It’s such a lovely thing to have such a passion ❤️❤️❤️


Have a great day/ evening 



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