Summer Eyes Swatches


Hello beautiful people,,, wish everyone is having a great day/evening.

I mentioned this palette before in my July favorites,,, it’s Summer Eyes by Too Faced.

I swatched the colors forbyoy,,, it was requested.

The packaging is great, I love the metal package and the size is great,,, it’s very good and handy for traveling since it’s small and heavy duty so you can pack it easily and has good amount of colors.

The colors are really nice, some are mattes some are shimmery,,, the eyeshadows are buttery  which makes it easy for you to blend.

There are 3 big light colors and shimmery, this I use as highlighters, and there are couple of good transition colors, and as you can see the bright blue and that’s good for a pop of color look.

I like this palette it’s good and handy,,, I find myself reaching for it a lot.

Thanks a lot for reading, hope you liked the post.

Have a beautiful week.


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