Traditions can be fun

Hello everybody, how was your weekend? I hope everyone had fun,,, mine was nice I relaxed at home watched movies and read,,, you know sometimes you need a quiet weekend.


Look at my ring, isn’t it cute???

You know when traditions are funny sometimes and you don’t believe in everything that is very traditional, but you still respect it because it’s your culture.

Some people in my culture believe that blue eye can keep the envy eye away,,, and the hand aswell “Khamsa hand”.

I don’t really believe in this but I still wear all these things because I think they look really cute and stylish,,, yes some people around me would judge me and ask are you wearing it because you’re afraid of the bad eye??? Nooo I just like how they look, plus I just love my culture.

I think it’s okay to still respect your culture and be proud of it.


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