Skin Care In Summer 


Hello beauties…

How’s Summer going? I wish you all are enjoying it.

Of course you know that we should take care of our skin a little bit more during the Summer,,, everyone here loooves makeup, but it’s lovely to put makeup on beautiful smooth skin, and sometimes we feel like not in the mood for makeup, and when we have perfect skin we just have the confidence to go out with 0 makeup.

We must drink lots of water to keep our bodies healthy and skin nice.

Using sun block is a must.

Having good skin care routine with good products is a must.


Milky Jelly Cleanser by Glossier is amazing skin care product, very good daily face wash, perfect for dry skin. 


That’s a face mist by Glossier as well,,, I love the ideas of having a mist for the face and it should be perfect for the Summer and easy to use, plus easy to pack and take it wherever you want.

You can order from Glossier makeup or skin care products,,, good quality and cheap prices, enjoy using this lovely website.

Have a great weekend everybody.


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