Empties #5

Hi beauties,,, looong time no see, I miss posting and reviewing so much…

I’m back with some empties to share with you my thoughts about them.

White Musk Smoky Rose mist by The Body Shop: It smells so nice, smells sweet, very good, I would buy it again.

Johnson & Johnson cologne: You know I go through a lot of them already 🤣 very nice and light smell.

Fa Fresh & Dry deodorant: I like how it smells, very soft, it works very well with me, I already bought another one.

Boots nail polish remover: Very good, it removes the nail polish without leaving the nails very dry, and it doesn’t smell so strong, it’s big enough and will last you some good time, I bought another one.

Bioderma makeup remover: Very good for sensitive eyes, I loved it and going to buy the full size.

Avon eye makeup remover lotion: It was good, it removes the makeup and gives moist to the skin, I liked it, I still have other ones I like more though.

Avon Mega Effects mascara: I think I reviewed it before, it’s nice I like it, it just looks weird in the beginning but ones you use it you would like it.

The Rocket mascara by Maybelline: And if you know me already, you lnow how much I looove this mascara… Perfect one.

Thanks for stopping by ❤ I will talk to you soon.


June’s faves 


Heeey everybody.

I’m posting my monthly favorites today.



Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton body lotion,,, it is sparkling lotion, so I like to use it when I go out I put it on my arms,,, and it smells so good, so it works well with your perfume ❤️

And The Body Shop stawberry body butter, it smells sooo good and goes on the skin nice and smooth, doesn’t leave your skin greasy, and the smell stays on you ❤️


Bath & Body Works lemon lip balm, it smells good and tastes good, and it’s cheap ❤️

And that beige brown nail polish by Barry M,,, I really enjoy Barry M nail polishes, they stay for long time on your nails, they do great job, and they are cheap ❤️


Maybelline Dream Bouncy creamy blush in the shade 20 Peach Satin, I love creamy blushes, this one is great amd that color is really good for summer ❤️

Clarins blusher in the shade 02 Soft Peach, it’s such a great product, the color is amazing and soft, good for summer as well ❤️ 



Maxfactor lipliner in the shade 10 Red Rish, it’s creamy and goes softly on your lips, very pigmented, some times I use it alone as my lipstick ❤️  

Empties #3


Hello everybody,,, I sharing with you today my 3rd empties post, and going to share my experience about each product. 


Tresemme Keratin Smooth shampo,,, it’s such a great product and I already bought another one and using it right now, I loved it, I like how it cleans how it smells and how it leaves your hair smooth and shiny. 

Garnier Fuctis conditioner, it’s for colored hair, I used it because I dye my hair, it was good I enjoyed it but I’m using Tresemme now  and I liked it a lot. 


Victoria’s Secret Passion Struck body lotion, I loooved this lotion, it’s really good and hydrating, not greasy at all and smells amazing, for sure going to buy more.

Bath & Body Works Enchanted body lotion,,, I love their lotion anyways, this one smells sweet and nice.


Those are some little  shower gels.

Bath & Body Works Midnight Pomegranate shower gel,,, smells so good, I enjoyed it a lot.

Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar shower gel,,, I love all vanilla stuff from Bath & Body Works,,, this gel smells so sweet and good, I going to buy the big bottle.

The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus shower gel,,, it’s very good the smell is amazing,,, going to buy the big one definitely.


H&M Citrus Vanilla body splash,,, very good smell,,, makes feel fresh and it’s good for the price.


Boots eye makeup remover, that is one of my favorite makeup removers,,, I already have another one that I’m using right now, the formula of it is good, it’s gel texture,,, it’s really cheap.

N7 Faoming Cleanser, this one should be for normal to oily skin, I have dry skin but when I wear makeup I get oily on the T-zero ne some times so I said I will try that,,, it was okay product, but I’m using other stuff now that I like more.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear cleanser, I really like this one a lot, it really cleans your skin deeply,,, the texture is gel so I like it more that the foam ones.


Last empty for this post is Boots Antibacterial Hand Gel,,, I loved this one a lot, it cleans and smells very good, I had it on my vanity and was using it during doing my makeup,,, it is very cheap and stays long time.

That’s it for now,,, talk to you later on my next post.


Empties #2


Hey ladies,,, I’m sharing with you today my second empties…

Are you ready to dig in with me?! I have a lot of things to talk about 😉


Those are some hair products

Tresemme Platinium Strength shampoo, I loved this product and bought another one already but my new one is with Keratin.

Aussie hairconditioner is really good product I enjoyed using it a lot. 

Fruit Essence hair conditioner from Boots, I really liked it but I still have other conditioners that I liked more.

Botanics conditioner from Boots, it came with hair dye, it was okay product, not sure if I will buy it again.


Some body sprays

My favorite body spray by Nivea, I always use it and probably you’re going to see it every empties post lol.

Velvet Sugar from Bath & Body Works, I looove the smell it’s so delicious.

Warm Vanilla Bath & Body Works, it’s one of my favorite scents in this store.

Midnight Pomegranate Bath & Body Works, really good smell it’s really strong. 

And Keep It Sweet Mango Delight from Boots, I liked this one a lot and going to buy it again, it’s great for the prize 🙂


Some face stuff

Peel off mask by Hollywood, I liked this mask it made my skin feel so clean and fresh, it smells nice, and it stayed with me for pretty good long time, going to buy it again. 

Clean & Clear facial scrub, I keep buying it, it’s part of my morning routine, and really cleans the face and control the shine in the T-Zone erea with out drying out your skin.

Cucumber facial scrub by Boots, was good product, I think this one is my second already, plus I like the size if it, it’s handy for travelling.


Some Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers,,, the Twisted Peppermint is my second one, I liked it and bought 2 at the same time, it was Christmas edition,,, the other one is Dancing Water and this one is my favorite one I keep buying it, it smells so good and clean.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading